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Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading - Play Brow and Lash Bar
Threading Prices

(we also offer waxing)

(Full Face package includes Brows, Lip, Sides, Chin, FOREHEAD & Neck - normal value $87 SAVE $28!) Eyebrow Threading

Who does not wish to have perfectly shaped eyebrow. Don't worry if you are not blessed with natural shaped eyebrows as you can now get then shaped with the help of eyebrow threading by well-trained professions in Play Brow and Lash Bar.

The art of threading is one of the ancient techniques of shaping which originated in Asia, now it is becoming popular in other parts of the world due to its perfect results that too without any side effects.

Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow Tinting- Play Brow and Lash Bar
Tinting Prices


Eyebrow Tinting

Eyebrow Tinting is a semi-permanent hair dye used specifically for eyebrows. It will help you frame your brows beautifully. It is the best option if you are tired of using eyebrow pencils on a daily basis to highlight this important feature of your face. For girls with very little brows or whose hair has started to lose the texture, eyebrow tinting is must go option for them.

Play Brow and Lash Bar offers this semi-permanent brow tinting service at its various salons located at Niddrie, North Melbourne and Fitzroy.

Eyelash Extension

Eyelash Extension - Play Brow and Lash Bar
Eyelash Prices

Eyelash extensions are something every celebrity walking the carpet or appearing on the camera has. It is a way to lengthen and add thickness to your lashes that are aren't currently lush, dark and as long as you want them to be. Professionals at Play Brow and Lash apply faux eyelashes, typically one at a time to your lash line to make it look natural, appealing and gorgeous using an adhesive that is safe for the eye area.

There are three types of Eyelash extension- silk, mink and synthetic and their size availability range from 6mm to 17mm. Once you select the type of extension, they are applied one at a time using semi-permanent glue that will not infuriate your eyes nor will damage the natural lash.

Eyelash Extensions

(Our refill appointment includes cleaning of lashes, removal of the grown out ones and filling it in with the new lashes. please come with make up free clean lashes/eyes for your lash appointment, so we can spend less time in cleaning and more time in filling them.)
  • 1 week $55
  • 2 week $70
  • 3 week $90
  • 4 week $110

  • (Our refill appointment includes cleaning of lashes, removal of the grown out ones and filling it in with the new lashes. please come with make up free clean lashes/eyes for your lash appointment, so we can spend less time in cleaning and more time in filling them.)
Lash Removal $20-$40
Removal is complimentary when you get a new set applied by us. * Conditions apply.


We require a $50 deposit for all lash extension appointments (except refills). Your credit card details are taken, but no money is withdrawn from your account. If you wish to cancel your appointment, then we require at least 24 hours notice prior to your appointment or you forfeit your $50 deposit. Thank you for your understanding on this.

Prior to your appointment:
  • Please remove all your eye makeup and clean your lovely lashes with (preferably) an oil free make up remover.
  • Remove your contacts
  • It's a good idea not to use a moisturizer before application
  • Curling or perming your lashes before you come in may hinder the eyelash extension application process, so best not to.
  • A full set can take from 60-90 mins, so make sure you have ample time for your appointment.

Eyelash Extension After Care:
  • Do not touch lashes for 3 hours after having them done.
  • Try not to get you lashes wet for 24 hours.
  • Oil and moisturiser break down the glue so no oil based make up remover and no moisturiser of any type.
  • No rubbing.
  • No eye lash curling.
  • Try to make sure your make-up is oil free.
  • If you wish to use mascara, again oil free is a must on this one. Safe for eyelash extensions mascara would be best.
  • For swimming, sauna, steam room etc use goggles to protect from the wet and heat. If you want to be extra careful you can also use goggles in the shower...however not a must.
  • Don't use cotton pad or balls or anything that could catch and pull. If your eyes do get wet, gently pat them dry.
  • Use cotton tips for eye-make up removal.
  • For longer lasting, shiner lash extensions, using a lash coating is a good idea. A little applied 2 - 3 times a week works well.
  • A refill to keep them looking fantastic would be required every 3 - 4 weeks depending on your natural lash cycle.

Body Waxing

Body Waxing - Play Brow and Lash Bar
Waxing Prices

women’s waxing

  • Bikini Line $25
  • G-String $40*
  • Brazilian XXX $50*
  • Under Arm $17
  • Half Arm $25
  • Full Arm $35
  • Half Leg $30
  • Full Leg $50
  • Back $20-$40*
  • Stomach $15
  • Snail Trail $5
  • Full Body Waxing $159

Men’s waxing

  • Half Arm $25
  • Full Arm $35
  • Chest $29
  • Chest+Stomach $45
  • Back+Shoulders $45
(Waxing is available only at Fitzroy salon) Body Waxing

At Play Brow and Lash bar, you will receive incomparable full body waxing services through the talented and skilled staffs that we have. Our staff has great deal of experience in waxing and performs services with great efficiency. A good and proper waxing will help you to get skin as smooth as silk and will remove the hair from the root, so you don't have to bother about the weird bumps or unfavorable reactions that shaving or hair-removal creams happen to bring. So, all the ladies and gentlemen who appreciate good waxing should make a visit to Play Brow and Lash bar.

If it's your first time or you are regular at waxing through depilatory creams but haven't had satisfaction till date, a professional is a must for you. Don't DIY just to save a few dollars. The professionals at our salon use the right equipment and quality wax to get you the smoothest shining skin that you would love to flaunt.